Surrender To Temptation

Our name, Morena, mirrors the vibrant mythology of the Mediterranean and encapsulates the irresistible allure awaiting our guests. Drawing inspiration from the captivating metamorphosis of Sea, we beckon you to delve into a realm of gastronomic excellence, daring exploration, and captivating mystery.

Our Chef

Sergio Giraldo Luna.

A passionate chef from Extremadura with a remarkable culinary background in various restaurants in Valencia, emerges as the genius behind the exquisite menu that will be offered at Morena. Rooted in his heritage, he aims to transport diners through the authentic flavors of the orchard, seafood, and fish.

His focus on fresh, local ingredients translates into culinary creations that captivate the senses and leave diners speechless, offering a unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Winner of two stars in 2021 and 2023, he has coined a very personal cuisine that moves between the land and the sea, speaking of his love for fishing. After journeying through some of Spain’s finest kitchens – from Mugaritz to Manuel de la Osa, also training at Echaurren – and leading the kitchens of several successful restaurants in Valencia, it is here where he truly sets sail with all his culinary talent and passion for the product.

An Extraordinary Culinary Journey

Conceived by two prominent restaurants groups from the cities of Ibiza and Valencia, Morena was born from the heartfelt belief in savoring moments shared among friends. Beyond mere dining, our vision is to redefine the very essence of culinary artistry.

Indulging in Mediterranean Delights.

At Morena, we honor the rich culinary heritage of the Mediterranean, cherishing its time-honored traditions while also pushing the boundaries of its diverse cuisines. Each dish on our menu narrates a tale, inspired by coastal regions and infused with global flavors. Our menu pays tribute to the shores of the Mediterranean, presenting a fusion of international culinary influences.

Immersing Your Senses: The Morena Culinary Adventure.

At Morena, we see dining as an opportunity for more than mere indulgence; it’s a transformative encounter that stimulates the senses, pays homage to tradition, and etches lasting memories. Our goal is to enchant our cherished guests with dishes that transcend boundaries and forge enduring impressions. Through a blend of authenticity, visionary creativity, and refined experiential dining, we aspire to leave an indelible mark on all who partake in this distinctive culinary concept.